National Level


Liberia, officially called the Republic of Liberia, is located along the coast near the Gulf of Guinea and shares borders with Sierra Leone, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire. The Liberian population is estimated to be about 5 million and the main economic activity around is agriculture. Monrovia, the capital, is also the country’s largest city. The official language of Liberia is English.

Value Chains 


Cassava is the first protein staple (consumption of roots and leaves) consumed and grown throughout the country.

Cassava is an important crop because it generates income and ensures food security for low-inform households in rural areas.

Liberia has strong arguments for investors, particularly in the creation of added value along the value chain through processing (gari, cassava flour, high-quality starches and adhesives).

The Liberia Agricultural Transformation Agenda (LATA) sees cassava as a vital commodity to focus on.

The promotion of the cassava chain can lead to a significant revival of the food processing industry, non-food industry, poultry and livestock industries. It can also contribute to the empowerment of women and youth, who constitute the majority of small producers, carrying out 80% of activities in rural areas.


Liberia has a total area of about 111,370 km², with freshwater resources covering about 14 % of the country’s total area, including rivers, lakes, lagoons, creeks and streams flowing to the Atlantic coast, providing nutrients to support the primary productivity of the plateau.

Fishery is important to Liberians because it provides employment and livelihoods for many people involved in the trade. It is the major source of cheap animal protein for the population, and it is a potential source of foreign exchange and income for the country. This project is designed to benefit and improve the sector, increase management, employment, and revenue while developing the fishing value chain.


Lead Ministry

Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

Ms. Clementine Rennie
Focal point at National Authorization Officer
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

Mr Otis D. Wesseh
Assistant Director and Programme Officer for Social Sector

Focal point at the Ministry of Agriculture

Mr James Moore
Director for Marketing

Mr Solomon Hedd-Williams
Technical Advisor in the Minister’s Office

Focal point at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Mr Stephen Mambu
Director, National Standards Laboratory

Implementing Agency


Mr. Paa Kofi Osei-Owusu
West Africa for CERATH Development Organisation


EU Delegation

EU Delegation to Liberia


Cooperation officer – Agriculture development & food security,