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Developing the culture of quality in Sierra Leone

Within the framework of the national component of WACOMP in Sierra Leone, UNIDO organized a series of training on standards and quality management systems. A total of about 100 representatives from various ministries and national agencies, the Sierra Leone Bureau of Standards, the private sector and the education sector were trained in the principles of quality management and sensitized on the importance of mastering this type of knowledge to enhance the competitiveness of sectors with growth potential.

And the academic world is not to be outdone. The University of Sierra Leone (USL) recognizes the importance of integrating quality concepts into the curricula, particularly in scientific, medical and business engineering programmes. In that vein, USL and UNIDO are exploring avenues of cooperation, including the development and launch of a series of courses in the field of quality.

Training of cassava value chain operators in Sierra Leone in Good Agricultural Practices

As cassava is a priority sector for Sierra Leone under the WACOMP, UNIDO is working to build the capacity of operators in the sector to boost the competitiveness of the different segments of the value chain.

In the last quarter of 2019, UNIDO organized a series of training courses on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the districts of Makeni, Kenema and Pujehun. The training courses mainly covered new skills and knowledge related to production, processing, risk assessment and risk management along the value chain and food safety.

Following the presentations and discussions, experimental learning sessions were held in the field. Across the three districts, some 130 operators from farmers’ groups and factories in the sector participated in the training events.

The next step will be the implementation of GAP recommendations on production.