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ECOWAS Community Committee for Standardization approves two new standards in response to COVID-19

From 23rd April 2020 to 20th May 2020, by involving the 15 ECOWAS Member States in the process, the Technical Management Committee (TMC) of the ECOWAS Standards Harmonization Mechanism, (ECOSHAM), has approved two draft ECOWAS standards on technical specifications for the manufacture of barrier Masks (ECOSTAND 082:2020) and hydro-alcoholic hand products (ECOSTAND 083:2020). The next step will be their adoption and declaration as ECOWAS standards by the Council of Ministers.

For the ECOWAS Commissioner Mr Mamadou TRAORE, in charge of Industry and private sector promotion, this achievement will “provide our States with a benchmark that can be used to produce either barrier masks for non-sanitary use or hydro-alcoholic hands products but also the commercialization of these products in our region.”

Through the ECOSHAM, ECOWAS intends to provide the region with harmonized regional standards on the selected WACOMP value chains, namely textile and garments, mango, cassava, and ICT.