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Establishment of a Regional PPP network and online platform.

In July 2019, an international PPP specialist was contracted by UNIDO to support the implementation of activities on PPP under the WACOMP project, namely:

    • Identify and liaise with key stakeholders from the public and private sector development finance institutions and other key PPP stakeholders on the national and regional levels.
    • Liaise with parties involved in ongoing and past regional PPP projects to determine difficulties encountered during the planning and implementation stage.
    • Involve policymakers on the national and regional levels to ascertain information needs regarding PPP projects.
    • Design a regional PPP network and online platform that allows sharing best practices, connect key stakeholders and share and monitor key data on past, ongoing and future regional PPPs.
    • Support the contracting of the set-up of the online platform to the most competitive provider based on the design developed by UNIDO.
    • Launch the PPP online platform at a regional inauguration conference bringing together key stakeholders from governments, private sector, development finance institutions, and partner institutions.
    • Hand over operational management of the platform to a regional PPP unit at the inauguration conference, ensuring the sustainability of the network and online platform.
    • Prepare a report with recommendations for regional Directive on PPPs.

In October 2019, the first contact was established by the international expert with ECOWAS to exchange some initial information, both on the scope of work to be done and on ECOWAS current activities (including the regional PPP framework) in the area.